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Yeah, I’m a little late jumping on the striped wall bandwagon.  Better late than never, huh?  I’ve seen all the striped walls floating around blogland, but for some reason they just weren’t working for me.  Until House of Smiths did this..

Yeeaaahhh….all the sudden I HAD to have a striped wall in my house.  So I did this…..

Not the same caliber of work, (painting or photography) I know.  But I did it!  And it was a ROYAL pain!  For real.  I’m cured of needing stripes.  Possibly forever……except maybe on curtains….ANYWAY….  Yes, I know the stripes do not go all the way to the floor.  This is due to a VERY valuable lesson I learned.  When painting stripes on a potty wall, be sure to first measure the distance between the potty & the wall.  If said distance is LESS than the width of your boo-hiney, DON’T DO IT.  The logistics just don’t work. Trust me on this one friends.  No, there are no pics of the fun.

There will be shelves & baskets added.  If the lack of stripes on the bottom portion still bothers me REALLY badly, I’ll remove the potty tank & see if I can get those stripes done.  But, I’m telling you it will have to be a HUGE need.

House of Smiths gives a GREAT tutorial on the striped wall here.  Honey, when she says its “boring and monotonous” she is not lying!  You will.lose.your.everloving.mind penciling all those stripes.  And then taping them.  When my youngest walked in & saw the all the green Frog Tape on the wall, she said “Wow!  I kinda like those green stripes!”  I seriously considered just leaving it like that & walking away.  For real.  It was THAT bad.  But, now I like it & am glad I stuck it out.  So, let’s check out the Before & After shall we?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Do One Thing


I don’t know about you, but we have a “To Do” list about a 1/2 mile long.  And then there’s the “Honey Do” list that’s even longer.  There’s also a daily “to do” list.  You get the idea.  We are overloaded with lists (and projects) around here. 

One day my hubby came to me and announced that he would start coming home and doing one thing off his list every day.  One thing.  Why was that so profound?  Why did we not think of that 6 years ago when we moved into this fixer upper, 1986 monstrosity with country blue wallpaper and 3 colors of carpet?  Oh, we tackled projects.  Big ones.  But then we got tired.  And overwhelmed.  So, we stopped.  It was easier to watch tv or play Mexican Train on the Nook than look at ALL those stinkin’ lists!

Since that day a couple of weeks ago, the hubby has faithfully started marking off items on the list.  Some big.  Some smaller.  But each day (except Sunday) one thing comes off the list.  I have jumped on the “One Thing” wagon as well.  Since a heel spur & plantar fasciitis (?) have stopped my morning walks for now, I get up & work in the yard.  It’s cooler at 6:30 am here in the land of “fry your eggs on the sidewalk” heat.  I water the hydrangeas and do one other thing – mulch a flower bed, fill in holes the dog dug, etc.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your lists, just take it one thing at a time.  You can do it!  The Mexican Train ain’t going anywhere sister.  It’ll be there when you get done.

Weekend Recap and Project Ideas


Morning!  I hope you had a GREAT weekend!  We did!  My girls spent Friday plotting deciding they wanted to change their rooms.  The ring leader eldest is an aspiring interior decorator and has a severe case of finickyness.  If that’s not a word, it should be.  She changes her mind & design often.  Kind of like me…  ANYway, it led to some fun conversations and work for me.  Yay.

Fair warning – this will be an iPhone photo intensive post.  Sorry, but that’s how I roll right now.  There are a few “regular” camera shots as well, but with my amazing photography skills, you won’t be able to tell the difference.  🙂

Saturday morning was spent taking down curtains, changing out the hardware, and swapping curtains around in the girls’ rooms.  The kids’ have decided on a “Morroccan” theme for their den.  Don’t think they (or I) know what that means, but we’ll try it.  Sooo, the kid den got a set of curtains that were in our regular den several years ago.

Hard to tell, but they are burgandy with a gold design on them.

The youngest, who has the Castle Room now, wanted one set of gold curtains shortened.  I did this by running a tension rod through the bottom of the curtain & hanging the bottom tension rod under the top tension rod.

She also wanted the other set of gold curtains, that had previously been in the Castle Room, rehung.  So, I did.  But this time I did use sturdier hardware than a tension rod.  These are actually hung on a shelf rod with brackets made to go on the inside of a closet system.

My eldest thought she wanted a “Morroccan” theme as well, but has now decided on “African”.  You know, cause it’s been a day since I hung the other set of den curtains in her room…. No after pic of that, but they are same as the set in Kids’ Den.

I also decided one of my decorative birdhouses needed to “lighten up” this weekend. 

I love this birdhouse.  It actually has a little glass knob that goes just below the ‘entrance’.  It is made of reclaimed barn wood & I’ve had it for about 15 years.  Literally.

I’ll give you the ‘after’ and a ‘redo’ (yeah, already) later this week. We also have the new light for the kids den & I’ll (hopefully) get some kitchen pics up too this week.  But for now I have to drop kids at sewing lessons & head to a lunch meeting to work on some improvements to our Special Needs Ministry.  Soo excited!

Here’s a pic of my cute assistant as a reward for looking at all my REALLY bad photography!

Can you stand the cuteness!?!  Seriously, I have no idea how I get anything done with this much help! 😉

Happy Monday!


The Basement


Today I thought I would show you some of our progress in the basement.  The basement was ‘finished’ when we bought the house.  But, nothing is ever REALLY finished is it?  Not in my world anyway.  There were poles in awkward places, an odd under stair nook and low ceilings.  Here are some “befores”:

This is the view from the top of the stairs.  The entrance to the garage is to the left.  Notice it is wide open into the finished part of the basement.  And notice the awkward support beam that you run into at the bottom of the stairs.   Whoever finished this out did NOT have good planning skills!

Yes.  That’s a disco ball.  Right next to a ceiling fan.  In this picture the stairs are over to the left.  The mini kitchen is behind me.  This wall (with 2 awkward support beams in the middle of the floor) will become 2 walk in closets.

This is the kitchenette area.  The closet to the right is a laundry closet, but we use it for storage.  That’s an organization post for another day.  To the right of that is a disaster office area.  The tiny door smushed behind the couch is to a funky under stair storage closet.  We used it as a reading nook for the girls until they were too tall to get in it.  The full bath is to the left of the laundry/storage closet.  That’s a post for another day, too.  (It’ll be a while before I run out of posts!)

This was just such a crazy layout for a space that we couldn’t get it to work for us.  Then one day we decided it was time for our (rare) guests to NOT have to share a bath with 3 girls.  Yes, they were grateful.  So we started to plan and came up with this:

This is the view down the stairs from the kitchen now.  Door to the left is to the garage, door to the right is to our new private guest room.  The grandparents have been loving that lock.  Don’t know why they didn’t like waking to 3 monkeys marching into their room, playing pretend instruments before…. 🙂  The new mudroom area measures 39″ x 83″ and will be getting a tiled floor and built in cubbies one day.  Notice you no longer run into an awkward post!  My dad & hubby jacked the house up, moved the post a few inches to the right & enclosed it into the wall.  My right shoulder & arm thank them.

Our “in process” pictures have disappeared.  Grrrr…..  But, here are some more “afters”.  Still have to decorate.

This is now the view with the kitchenette behind me.  No more awkward posts!!  My father & hubby enclosed the posts in the wall. Yay!  The new walk in closets measure 40″x76″ and 40″x80″.  They have lights & lots of adjustable shelves.  Adjustable shelves make me happy.  Here are a couple of tiny looks inside:

Inside one closet.  There are shelves on both sides, but no organization just yet.

Inside the other closet.  Again, shelves on both sides just waiting for organization.

View of kitchenette side.  Hasn’t changed much, just added a microwave ($14 @ Target!) & coffee pot for guests.  This side will be changing in the near future I hope.  Country blue countertops are a HUGE irritation to me.  Long story.

This is the view as you walk in the room.  Much decorating to do & eventually get the stained carpet replaced.

The paint color is Sherwin Williams Baize Green in a satin.  It’s a springy green.  I’ve used it in several rooms & just love it.  The ceiling fan departed to the thrift store & the disco ball departed to it’s owner’s bedroom.  You’ll see it again in the next post on the Castle Room.  My parents gave us the furniture years ago, but I believe it was purchased at Miskelly Furniture in Mississippi.

I am SO sorry we lost the “in process” pictures of the closet installation!  Dad & hubby were pretty cute with their sheetrock dust style going on!  This project (and several others) have led me to believe we should include gas in our project budgets.  You would not BELIEVE how many trips to Lowe’s it takes for us to complete a project!  Especially when Dad is here……hmm.  Go Figure.  (Love ya, Dad!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Fear.  I have it in spades sometimes all the time.  Take this blog for instance.  I read my first blog a couple of years ago, Southern Hospitality.  Ever heard of it?  Well, let me tell you, Rhoda is amazing & her blog is practically guaranteed to make you want to jump in, do a project, and start a blog about it.  But, if you are me, you do everything but start the blog.  Because of fear.  What if no one likes my project?  Or my blog?  Or me in general?  So, I sat on the blogging part FOREVER.  Then I actually sat down and began designing the blog and writing a post.  But, I kept it private out of fear.

This morning I woke up with “every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above” on my mind.  (James 1:17, paraphased)  There is nothing good about the fear I have.  Fear of the Lord is a good thing.  Fear of what people think or say is not a good thing.  So, I decided to abandon my fear & post this blog publicly.  Maybe no one reads it, or likes it, or whatever.  That’ll be okay.  Because this life, this blog, these projects are temporary.  My fear of the Lord shall remain.  My fear of those reading this blog shall not.

What is fear keeping you from doing?  You could be hesitant to paint something a bold color or you could be hesitant to share your faith.  Paint it.  You can redo it later (trust me on that!).  Share it.  You are promised that the Word of the Lord will not return void.  So, even if you think you mess up or the person you share with never talks to you again, God is in control.  Not you.

Have a great day & do something Fearless!  (Yeah, I’ve got to hit “publish” now……here goes!)

The Castle Room


Welcome to Do & Redo, where we measure twice, cut once, scratch our heads when it doesn’t fit, re-measure, re-cut, and (hopefully) make it fit!  Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my new blog!There are so many fabulous blogs out there, and I’m excited to enter the blogosphere!  (Um, yes, I do like exclamation points!)

I can’t wait to share some of our many projects with you!  Be warned that I am NOT a photographer.  Most pictures were probably taken with my phone & “proper lighting” is a term I have yet to learn. 🙂  However, I WILL do my best to share measurements of each room.  So, that’s a good trade for poor photography, right??

Anyway, why wait?!  Here’s one of our first projects in this house.  Our girls call it “The Castle Room”.  It is probably the smallest room in the house & has undergone a few more changes since this initial redo.  I will “keep it real” by the way – very little staging & LOTS of junk strewn around most of the time!

Right side of the room Before.  The window wall is 96 1/2″ long.  The wall with the little attic door is 83″ long.

The dormer is 68 1/2″ deep. The window wall is 39″ wide. See that blank dormer wall? It will eventually change to a recessed closet with built in drawers. Eventually.

This wall is 127″ of pure blankness. Well, except for the toys….

Probably enough “Befores” to get the idea.  So, now for the “Afters”!

The curtain panel came from Lowe’s. Yes, it’s my favorite store. No, Lowe’s isn’t paying me to say that. The paint color is Disney’s something or other. I’m pretty sure it had the word “Enchanted” in it. If I find the paint chip, I’ll update with the color name.

We hung the gold sheers from tension rods & attached curtain tie backs to the wall. The sheers came from Lowe’s. The rods and tie backs came from Wal-Mart. Is “tie backs” the right terminology for those things? I dunno.

This redo was done several years ago, so I wasn’t very good about lots of photos.  Notice how clean the floors are, though.  That’s probably why there are no “afters” of the other 2 walls – all the toys are crammed over there!

This room has already undergone some “Redos”, so stay tuned for those, as well as a furniture update that went with this “do”.

Thanks for stopping by, I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Well, the nice ones anyway.  🙂