Growing Girls & Chore Cards


I thought about titling this “Growing Up Girls”, but then the English teachers of the world would cringe.  “Growing Girls” fits just as well.  My girls ARE growing.  And it’s hard – on me at least.

This week, I taught one how to use a drill and hang a curtain rod.  We discussed the need for sheet rock anchors and how to insert them properly.

She also learned how to remove a wire shelf & fill in the holes that sheet rock anchors leave when you remove them.  Next she’ll learn how to install adjustable shelving in her closet.  And the whole time, I will be wondering how that grown girl above could possibly be the same sweetie below:

My girls are growing up SO fast!

The other two learned how to sort laundry and load/run the washing machine and dryer.  (They have less interest in tools.)  I also gave all 3 of them new “big girl” chore cards.  To say they were excited about the new cards would be……wrong.  Especially when they saw “scoop poop”.  🙂  But, the dog has to go somewhere & although we have a HUGE yard, I don’t really want to risk stepping in his business.

The cards are laminated so they can check off their chores, then wipe the card clean and pass it to the next sister at the end of the day.  Chores rotate just like days to sit in the front seat of the van and days to be first in the shower.  I declare my life is RUN by spreadsheets!  But, hey, if it helps me keep my hair a little longer I’m all for it!

Here is what their cards look like:

I couldn’t edit that pic to save my hide!  Hopefully it is clear enough.  I just typed up their chore rotation & printed to fit in one of these:

Then you just cut it out, lay it on the non-sticky side of the pouch and put the sticky side down on top.  Easy, peasy!

I would like to note that “Bible/Prayer Time” is on their card.  Every time.  Is it because that’s a chore?  No.  Is it because they need to check that off to be saved?  No.  All 3 of my girls have chosen to follow Christ.  (Hallelujah!)  Having “Bible/Prayer Time” on their card is a gentle reminder that following Christ is an every day thing.  Not a once-and-done thing.  And you can’t follow the Leader if you don’t know where He is going, am I right?  The only way to know where He is leading is to read/study and pray.  Every day.  I wish someone had made that clearer to me when I was younger.  It would have saved me a LOT of heartache and mistakes.  If you have questions about that, I will be more than happy to try to answer them.  You can put them in a comment, or email them to

So, anyway, that’s part of what I’ve been doing.  There are also some pantry organizing projects and little painting things here & there, including part of the kitchen cabinets.  Hopefully I’ll have the fan painting project done & posted tomorrow.  (By the way, most of my organizing projects are fueled by iHeart Organizing.  You should check her blog out if you like organizing.)


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