Weekend Recap


Hola, amigas!  Aaaannnnddd, that’s about it for my Spanish.  Except that I can order in a restaurant.  Because food is very important to me.  🙂

So, this weekend we piddled around here & (of course) worked on the blasted kitchen.  We did some other things too, but I think I’ll stick with kitchen stuff for this post & put the others in another day’s musings.  Otherwise, all 4 of you would seriously fall asleep and never come back.  And we don’t want that.

For some reason, I don’t have a “before”.  So, just use your imagination & remove that white horizontal bar and then insert a brown vertical bar in the center.  That’s the “before”.  See how good you are!  Hubs removed said vertical bar with some cool little tool (that of course required a trip to Lowe’s).  But, it WAS a cool little tool.  Then he cut that white bar & put it in.  That will be between the two drawers.  The top drawer slot was actually two drawers, but I wanted one wide drawer instead.  So I got one.  ‘Cause I’m the Princess.

There was also one looong shelf that ran the length of the cabinet.  Hubs cut that out & put in the 2 pieces of plywood to use for securing the drawer slides.  So, now instead of one open bottom cabinet, we have 3 sections.  The left section was supposed to have a shelf in it.  Hubs cut a wood support to match the one that was already there & primed it.  I painted it when I painted the interior of the cabinet (that he had already primed).  *Side note: I don’t mind painting, but I can.not.stand. oil based primer.  Yuk.*  Anywhoo, the support looked like this, all ready to go in….

Just one itsy bitsy issue.  We painted the wrong side.  So it looked like this when he put it in..

Being the sport he is, he tells me I should get a picture to put on the blog, ’cause this is really how we roll.  Do.and.redo.  A lot.  But, never fear, because there is a semi-matching section on the OTHER end of this cabinet.  And, lo & behold, if we put this support on THAT side, then it’s painted correctly.  Woo Hoo!  So, that’s what we did.  The shelf was a little shy on length, but nothing a good caulk gun can’t remedy.  Whew!  Now for the drawers.  Hmm..This is a familiar scene..

He’s a licensed engineer, so he thinks a lot.  It’s okay, I make up for it by just slapping stuff together.  Hee hee!  BUT, he built me some great drawers that will hold my awesome cookware in the near future.  Keep in mind there are no fronts on the drawers just yet, but they are painted and in.  As soon as we decide on a style of cabinet doors, we will make drawer fronts to match.  Yes, he’s doing all that himself.  He’s good like that.  Which saves us a LOT of $$.  Which is good, because we have 3 GIRLS about to be teenagers……Let’s not think about that.  Let’s just look at what the cabinet looks like as we wind down the evening.

Yyyeeess!  I have drawers!  I LOVE the wide drawer at the top, as opposed to the 2 narrow drawers that were there before.  The left side will not have a shelf *ahem* so we can fit taller stuff like the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Pot that we use EVERY day.  The right side will have the beautifully, correctly painted shelf & support (ha!) for shorter stuff.  We will put the other 2 smaller drawers back in on either side.

So, that’s where we are!  Have a great night!  Feel free to comment with your kitchen (mis)adventures!


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Hi! I'm Karen & this is my space to relate our remodel adventures. I'm the wife of a (very) patient man, mom to three beautiful teens and one spoiled pooch. My hubby has said (more than once) that even if we bought a brand new home, I'd be repainting it as soon as we moved in. He's right! So come on in & enjoy the fun!

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