Organizing Kids’ Chores


It’s FRIIIIDAAAYYY!  Woo Hoo!  Hope your week went well!

Yesterday, after I mowed our 1/2 acre backyard (with the push mower), I sat down to scroll through some of my favorite blogs until I could breathe againIHeart Organizing, of course, was the first one I visited.  Courtney from A Thoughtful Place was guest posting and talking about organizing kids’ chores, which inspired me to share how we handle chores.  I touched on my new system here.  You can check that out to see how I made the cards.

We went through a LOT of attempts to organize our chores.  A lot.  Honestly, as your children grow, so will their responsibilities, which means changes to how you handle that.  We used craft sticks in a flower pot when they were younger.  They would pick out a craft stick, go do the chore, and come back for another craft stick.  These chores were things like “put books on shelf” and “make bed”, “put away stuffed animals”.  That worked for a brief time, then I went to cards, then I went to spreadsheets.  I just love spreadsheets.  Now we have chore cards that look like this:

Those are their daily chores.  At the end of the day, they pass their card to the next sister.  So each week they end up doing the same chores on Monday & Thursday, Tuesday & Friday, and Wednesday & Saturday.  We don’t do chores on Sunday.

They also have a weekly chore card that looks pretty much the same:

These also rotate so they aren’t doing the exact same thing every week.  I have a large dry-erase calendar on the kitchen wall with each week labeled “A”, “B”, or “C”. It was hard to get a good picture….

The letters are written in dry-erase marker to the left of each week.   You could add or subtract letters depending on the number of children you have.   I also use this calendar to keep track of who sits in the front seat each day, who is responsible for feeding the dog, etc.  Calendars & spreadsheets eliminate a LOT of squabbles around this house!

So, how do YOU keep track of your children’s responsibilities?  I’m always looking for new ideas!



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