Easy Pillow Craft


Have you ever seen something that just immediately brought a friend’s name to mind?  A while back I saw this awesome pillow at House of Fifty and LAUGHED OUT LOUD.

It had my friend Susan’s name ALL. over it.  You think so too, don’t  you?

So, I set about deciding how I was going to make my own version.  Mini Manor Blog did a great tutorial on envelope pillow covers here.  You can check that out to see how to make your own.  It’s okay, I’ll wait……*hmmm de dumm*…you back?  Told you it was a good tute.

Sooo, back to my DIY version of the House of Fifty Magazine pillow.  Because I don’t have a silhoutte, and can’t seem to win one on anyone’s giveaway I just did things the old fashioned way.  I chose a font I liked in Word and printed out the phrase on regular old paper.  **Get ready for some fabulous photography, folks!**

Then I got out my little projector

ran around the house looking for things to prop the pillow on and put the paper under the projector.  Once my pillow was propped up in front of the projector, I just used a Sharpie and traced the outline of the letters.

**Note:  Be careful doing this.  The pillow will squish down if you press too hard with the Sharpie and then some letters may or may not be a little thicker than you planned.  And you will find  yourself quoting from your pillow.  🙂
Once you’ve traced everything, just fill it in carefully & you’re done!

I used canvas for the pillow cover and just a fine tip Sharpie to write.  Mine’s smaller & more “home made” looking, but Susan liked it & that’s what matters.  If you ever meet her,  you will just KNOW this had to be hers!

What fun, easy things have you made lately?


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