Family Trip to New York City! (Part 1-where to stay)


I know, I know.  I haven’t blogged in a week.  BUT, I have not quit, we were just on a fabulous family trip to NEW YORK CITY!!  NOW I know why people are always wearing those “I (heart) NYC” shirts!  It. was. AMAZING!  I was seriously sad to come back home.  (Is it bad to say that??)  Aaannnyyyway, let me share some of our fun with you, beginning with our accomodations!  (‘Cause you really just came for the pics, right?)

First of all, it is HARD to find a place to stay for a family of 5 (or more).  Very hard.  After exhausting hotel options, someone mentioned to me that we should consider renting an apartment.  WHAAATT??  So I looked into it.  It was a good deal cheaper (though not cheap) to rent a 2 bedroom apt IN TIMES SQUARE than it would have been to stay in a hotel.  Mainly because we would have needed 2 hotel rooms.  The apartment option also gave us a kitchen, which meant less eating out.  So, we went to Trip Advisor (here) and selected “Vacation Rentals”.  You can limit your options by location, date available, price, # of bedrooms, and so on.  There are other sites such as Home Away and airbnb but I just prefer tripadvisor.

Here are some pics of our apartment, which was on 8th Avenue & 48th Street West:

This is looking in from the entrance.  The sofa folds out into a bed, but it was broken so we just used the air mattress that we found in a closet.

This is the view back towards the entrance.  That’s a small closet.  The entrance door is to the left and bathroom door is to the right.  For some reason, it appears I didn’t take a pic of the oh-so-tiny bath.

This was our kitchen.  We mainly used it for PB&J, ice cream and grocery store muffin consumption.  The dishwasher came in VERY handy!

This was our “master” bedroom.  There is a reach-in closet and little bedside table.  The window is a view of other windows, unless you look straight down & then there is a children’s garden.  Just know to close the curtains prior to changing clothes.

This room housed 2 of our girls.  The beds are Tempurpedic adjustable beds.  The window goes out to a fire escape and overlooks 48th street.  There is also a closet to the left.

New York City apartments may be small, but they are WAY bigger than a hotel room & we LOVED it!  Everyone had their own beds & therefore slept MUCH better with NO arguments at 2:00am.  They even slept through most of the sirens and traffic noise!

If you are planning a trip to NYC, I highly recommend checking out apartments.  There are a few things you SHOULD do when checking into apartment rentals:

1.  Make sure you ASK if the apartment pictured is the apartment you are getting.  I learned quickly that it usually is NOT.  We were blessed to get an individual who only had the 1 apartment, so we knew what we were getting for the most part.

2.  Make sure it has AIR CONDITIONING and that you can control it from within the apartment.  Some have no A/C and some have A/C that is controlled elsewhere in the building.  NOT a good option!  We had one window unit.  It was okay, but the 2 bedrooms got stuffy at night even when it was running full blast.  The rest of the apt was comfy.

3.  READ, READ, READ.  Read the reviews & note how old they are.  Read what is included – some don’t have linens or paper products (ie: no toilet paper!).  Read the contract.  Read the types of payment that are accepted.  We were able to take a certified check instead of cash, but some want cash.  Some want the entire week payment in cash & some want part of the week in cash.  Some take credit cards.  Some are individuals & some are companies.  Know who you are dealing with & don’t deal with someone you have iffy feelings about.

4.  Ask how you will get the keys.  I noticed some reviewers of other properties mentioned the hassle they went through to get keys – especially when arriving late at night.  We were met at the apartment by friends of our lessor.  They were there before we arrived & super nice.  I had contact numbers so I could text when we landed & were en route.

5.  Walk through the apartment before paying.  We walked through but failed to check the sofa bed.  The people who met us there were gone when we realized it was broken, but I was able to text the lessor the next morning so she would know that we had not broken it.  (I could have texted that night, but to me it’s rude to text or call after 9:00 unless it’s an emergency.)

Hopefully, these tips will help you if you have a trip to The Big Apple coming up.  Feel free to pick me up on the way!  🙂

Since this is already a lengthy post, I’ll share our subway/bus fun and excursions later.  It is just such a cool city & there is no way to see it all.  Ever.  So hopefully we can go back some day soon!  Have you been to NYC?  What was your favorite part?  Funniest experience?  I’d love to hear about it!



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