Family Trip to New York City (part 2-fun for kids)


It’s FRRIIIIDDAAAAYY!  Oh,  yeah!  Hope everyone had a great week & is ready for the weekend.  We’ll have to get back on our kitchen remodeling.  And painting.  Hmmm, let’s talk about NYC shall we?  🙂

The first thing we did was try to figure out how to use the public transportation.  WAAYYY cheaper and faster than taxis!  If you are headed to NYC, I highly recommend loading the MTA app – especially if you’ll be there on the weekend.  We did not do this right off & when the weekend hit, it was crazy.  Weekends are construction time on subways, so all trains don’t run.  Some trains have altered routes.  Load the app.  It will save you frustration in the hot (but beautifully tiled) subways.  If you can’t load an app, look up and print some maps before you go.

I was very surprised at how pretty some of the subway stops are.  Here are some examples of the mosaics:

The subways are very well lit & we never once felt unsafe.  Do be aware that there will people who get on from time to time and want to “entertain” you.  For tips.  I believe it’s actually illegal for them to do this, but it happens.

If you are traveling with the kids, be sure to see FAO Schwartz (largest toy store), Toys R Us (has a ferris wheel inside), M&M World (personalize your own M&Ms), and Dylan’s Candy Bar (world’s largest candy store).  We’re not big picture-takers, but I found a few:

Thought you might figure out where the 2 above pics are taken.  The next few are Toys R Us:

That Hulk done in Legos is HUGE.  My hubby is just under 6′, although his awesome stance required some bending… There are also other incredible buildings and the Statue of Liberty done in Legos.

Dylan’s Candy Bar & FAO Schwarz are both on the Upper East Side, which means they are on the East side of Central Park in case you (like me) did not know what that means.  It’s a great place to check out & be sure to head to the top floor for ice cream.  The will also give you cups of water for free, which is nice when it is scorching hot!  These are the only 2 pics we got in there;

I mean, really, you’ve got 2 floors of nothing but candy & a floor of yummy cafe & ice cream.  And you want me to take PICTURES??  Sorry, my hands (and mouth) were full.  🙂

If there’s lots of energy left in your kids, check out Central Park.  It has great playgrounds, ball fields, paths, statues, a zoo (remember the movie Madagascar?), boats, amphitheater, castle, the list goes on.  You can rent bikes, but I don’t recommend it until your kids are older.  Lots of pedestrians and there are some major streets that cars use through the park.  Here are a few of Central Park:

Well, my assistant is wanting to play, so I’ll do museums, Statue of Liberty, plays, Times Square, etc later.  I’m tellin’ ya, it is an AWESOME place!  If I were 20-something with no kids, I never would have come back!  Well, until it snowed.  I don’t like slushy coldness.

Have a great weekend!!


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Hi! I'm Karen & this is my space to relate our remodel adventures. I'm the wife of a (very) patient man, mom to three beautiful teens and one spoiled pooch. My hubby has said (more than once) that even if we bought a brand new home, I'd be repainting it as soon as we moved in. He's right! So come on in & enjoy the fun!

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