Life & Projects are calling!


I’m still here,  believe it or not!  We’ve just been a little busy with life & projects – painting kitchen cabinets & drawers, getting kiddos back to school and signing monstrous loads of forms they brought home, attending Open Houses at schools, etc.  Whew!  I planned to have another re-purposing type post for you today, but when I went to do the sewing part, I saw this…

Aside from being a mess, there’s no longer a table in the craft room.  You know, a sewing table..and ain’t no way I’m sewing on the floor because I’d never get up or lugging that joker downstairs!  Nope.  Love you & all that, but it’s not happening.  So, the cute re-purposing of the ice cream buckets will have to be revealed another time.  (Because the craft room table is now in the office, but that’s a whole other post.)

So, I’ll just leave you with a funny (to me) story & head out to another Open House & meet more teachers!

The other day, it was my eldest daughter’s turn to load and run the dishwasher.  It was also the day I had chosen to NOT buy those little dishwasher detergent packets.  Yep.  Back to the box of powdered, pour-out detergent.  So, I’m sitting around eating bonbons and watching t.v. when I hear a frustrated call for help.  “Moooommmm, can you help me…….PLLLEEEAAASE?!?”    Um.  Okay.

I go into the kitchen and see this…

A box of detergent with the lid partly demolished.  I walked over trying not to roll on the floor laughing quietly and turned the box so she could see the side panel…



Have a great evening!  I’ll get that re-purposing  craft up eventually.  Not to mention finish the new office space and kitchen cabinet painting.  Thanks for bearing with me!




About doandredo

Hi! I'm Karen & this is my space to relate our remodel adventures. I'm the wife of a (very) patient man, mom to three beautiful teens and one spoiled pooch. My hubby has said (more than once) that even if we bought a brand new home, I'd be repainting it as soon as we moved in. He's right! So come on in & enjoy the fun!

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