Lime Fresh Mexican Grill – My Review


So, we used another Groupon (love those things!) and tried another new (to us) restaurant.  If you have never heard of Groupon, check them out here.  I generally use them for food, since the hubs & I have a weekly lunch date to talk about the kids behind their backs.  🙂
This time we tried Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.  Keep in mind that Lime Fresh has never heard of me & my opinions are my own.  You may totally disagree & that’s okay.  Anyway, the first thing I saw was a sign on the door informing me that they were having trouble with the Groupons and the code may not work.  Um, ok.  I sat in one of the outside chairs since I got there before hubs.  Shortly, a girl came out with a menu & asked if I’d like to look at it while I waited.  She said she noticed the Groupon I was holding & wanted to explain the issue.  She was super nice & said we should try to enter the code & see what happened.  Hubs arrived & we went in & ordered.  I had the Southwest Salad & hubs had the Lime Burrito (I think).  The Groupon did not work correctly, but the manager came out and adjusted our bill to what it should have been.  He was also super nice.

This is where I have to say that for me, Mexican food is ALL about the salsa.  There are a bajillion Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurants in our area, so there is no excuse for having bad salsa.  When we hit the little “salsa bar”, there was disappointment.  If you like scald-your-tastebuds-off-your-tongue salsa, they’ve got it.  If you like black bean-with-no-taste salsa, they’ve got it.  If you prefer just pico de gallo, you’re good.  The hubs & I tried some & we were not impressed.

The food is ready quickly & they have a guy there who brings it to you.  Don’t try to take it yourself.  He will inform you very politely that HE will take your food to your table.  Ooookkaayy.  Got it.  The salad was good.  A little on the small side for our area and $9.00, but good.  Without the dressing….just sayin’.  The burrito was a bit of a disappointment to my guy, but when I read the description that didn’t surprise me.  Also, it was the smallest burrito I have seen in a while – including our trip to Mexico, where we went to local joints on back roads.

So, if you like good service and super friendly people, then enjoy!  If you’re going for the salsa, go somewhere else friends.  Or, go try it & let me know you love it.  If you’re super hungry, you want to go somewhere else with larger portions for the money.  We’ll see what happens next week – since we’ve had both sides of the pendulum the past two weeks.  Perhaps all will meet in the middle on the next new restaurant we try.

Have you tried any good (or bad) restaurants lately?  I love to eat out, so I’d love to hear about it!


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