Halloween Costumes


Is anyone else as excited as I am about the cooler weather?  We actually need jackets & long pants this morning!  Yay!

I’ll post the fall decor as soon as I finish a couple of things.  While you’re eagerly anticipating THAT (I know you are), I thought I’d do a little early Halloween post.  The girls have been chatting for a week or so now about what they want to dress up as for Halloween.  Which means I need to fix the sewing machine….  Just in case your kids are the same way, I thought I would post some pics of what we have done in the past.

50’s girl.  There is a free & easy poodle skirt tutorial here.

A Who.  You know, from Dr. Seuss “Horton Hears A Who” or from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.  I just took 2 t-shirts & cut one off just under the arms.  For me, the tricky part was sewing the right side of the cut t-shirt to the wrong side of the other t-shirt.  Once the shirts were sewn together, I tacked on some glittery Christmas garland at the ends of the sleeves, the bottom hem & the bottom of the upper shirt.  The striped hose were from Wal-Mart, the earrings are actually plastic ball Christmas ornaments attached to clips.  The hairdo got a lot of attention for sure!  Just take a small plastic cup or (empty) water bottle (8 oz) and put it on your head.  Pull your hair up around it & secure with a ponytail holder.  I tied pieces of red, green & white ribbon to my ponytail holder before putting my hair up.  Yes, I had a LOT more hair then.  The slippers were a gift from years past.  Since they were blue, I just got some fabric spray paint from Hobby Lobby & sprayed them green.


The Ghost of Christmas Present from Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.  I made the cape using a tutorial similar to the one here.  Then just use Heat N Bond to attach the fur trim.  The white robe under the cape was made out of rayon lining material.  It is the devil to work with.  Just use cotton & thank me later.  There is a YouTube video “how-to” for the robe here.

In the middle is my “Genie”.  This costume was actually worn by ME in COLLEGE!  It was a little big in the waist on her, but nothing a safety pin couldn’t handle.  My word how fast they grow up!  We put a t-shirt under the top for modesty & because it was COLD.

My Indian came from Party City…..I think.  She had to have it for a school function & I just didn’t have time to sew right then.

My pictures of the girls as cats and the “Cat Princess” have apparently been lost.  The “cats” wore black leotards & tights with store-bought tails & ears.  The “Cat Princess” wore a pink sparkly gown with a tiara & sparkly wand.  Because they had no leotards in town in her size.  Sometimes you just gotta go with it.

So, what are your plans for Halloween?  We’re just in it for the candy & fun costumes.  Okay.  We’re just in it for the candy.  🙂




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Hi! I'm Karen & this is my space to relate our remodel adventures. I'm the wife of a (very) patient man, mom to three beautiful teens and one spoiled pooch. My hubby has said (more than once) that even if we bought a brand new home, I'd be repainting it as soon as we moved in. He's right! So come on in & enjoy the fun!

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