Cute Halloween Craft


Yes, I know Wednesday has passed & I did not share a restaurant review with you.  Sorry.  We didn’t try any new restaurants this week, but I guess I could review one of our favorites…..  We’ll see.

But TODAY we’re talkin’ Halloween crafts!  Woo Hoo!  Last year my oldest wanted a cute something to wear to school during the week of Halloween.  (We don’t do skulls, crossbones, monster crap, etc around here.)  She LOVES her hair, so we decided on a cute headband craft.  It’s super fast & easy!  (My kinda craft!)

Take a regular, plastic headband –

Then you need a piece of scrap cloth, some pipe cleaners, 2 googly eyes, and a hot glue gun.

First, you will wrap your strip of cloth around the headband & hot glue it on the inside.  (Sorry I don’t have step-by-step photos, but this was very much pre-blogging days.)  While the glue is cooling off, take 2 white pipe cleaners (we used sparkly white ones) and cut them in 1/2.  These will be your spider legs.  Hold all 4 pieces in your hand & take your long (orange) pipe cleaner in your other hand.  Wrap the long orange pipe cleaner around the 4 pieces until it’s as large as you want it.  This is your spider’s body.  If you want it thicker, use 2 orange pipe cleaners.

Once the body & legs are together, glue your spider to the headband & then glue on googly eyes.  Viola!  All done!

Yes.  I am aware that my spider looks like he has an elephant trunk.  But it’s still pretty cute & she still loves it!

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