Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


**For some reason this did not post when I told it to.  Oh, well.  Better late than never!**

Today is the eleventh anniversary of the arrival of our party on legs!  She has been a joy from day 1 & brought us loads of laughter.  She will not, however, be laughing when she sees that I wrote this post.  Definitely not an attention seeker like her mama!

  Yes, she looks kinda like Patrick Swayze.  No, I’ve never met him.  🙂

  How fun is that?!

  She used to love curly hair, sparkles, rainbow toes & pictures…

  Now she just loves running, loooonng hair, helping with special needs children and NOT getting her picture taken!  Yes, this is about as dressed up as she gets…..  I try.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  You are growing into a precious child of God & I pray you continue to do so.


About doandredo

Hi! I'm Karen & this is my space to relate our remodel adventures. I'm the wife of a (very) patient man, mom to three beautiful teens and one spoiled pooch. My hubby has said (more than once) that even if we bought a brand new home, I'd be repainting it as soon as we moved in. He's right! So come on in & enjoy the fun!

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