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Beautiful Day Ramblings


You ever had one of those days that was just awesome without even trying?  Today is one of those days here at Do & Redo, so I just thought I’d share.  I think it started with the wind.  Do you just love the wind?  I do.  Always have.  I think it’s because it symbolizes freedom to me.  It’s just seems so untamed and free.  The way I have always longed to be.  Thankfully the Lord saw fit to give me a strong sense of responsibility to keep me grounded.  Most of the time.

Where was I?  Oh, the wind.  So, the wind is blowing free here in our little piece of the South & it just inspires me.  Yeah, I had a lot to do today…what else is new.  But today, I drove in dappled sunshine & down 2 lanes with hardwood trees on either side that were raining colorful leaves on my old van as we took care of errands.  Today I had a coupon for free pancakes & enjoyed a chatty waitress.  Today I took my time in the grocery store, planning our weekend with the inlaws in town.  (Grilling burgers & brats tonight!  Yum!)  Today I drove up to our 30 year old fixer upper & noticed the hydrangeas blooming.  Today I threw open the back door to the screened deck & listened to the acorns raining down as I whipped up a Chocolate Chip Pound Cake.


Speaking of acorns, my sweet boy LOVES to snack on acorns.  Acorns that we have in abundance around here.  Yeah.  That causes a whole different kind of wind.  Whew!  He may be cute but acorns make him produce toxic smells.  But, I digress… here he his trying to subtly hint that he wants to play fetch.  Or take a nap.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell….

But, back to the cake.  That cake is baking in an electric oven.   Which reminds me how thankful I am for technology.  The dishwasher is humming along, taking care of the breakfast dishes & mixer bowl.  A mixer bowl that mixes without my arms getting tired.  Thank you KitchenAid!


The tea maker is taking care of my family’s sweet tea.  (I am the odd ball who only drinks UNsweet tea ’round here.  With lemon, in case you want to bring some by.)  🙂

Upstairs the washing machine & dryer are taking care of loads # 3 & 4 for today.  No washboards, thankyouverymuch.  Although I do have to say that if you are considering a front loader washing machine, DON’T DO IT.  If it was cheaper mistake to “redo”, I would do it.  Right now.  I simply cannot fathom having to CLEAN my washing machine.  That’s absurd to me.  Front loaders must be cleaned.  Regularly.  Just don’t do it.  There’s a reason they went out of style for so long, friend.  Just sayin’.  There’s also a reason I won’t post a pic.  Many more loads are currently sorted on the floor in front of said washer & dryer.   Tunes are blaring on my iPhone as I buzz around the house.  And I get to chat with friends I haven’t met yet, thanks to our PC.  Thank you inventors of technology!

I hope you have a beautiful, rambling Fall day in your neck of the woods!


Chocolate Mousse Pie


Another chocolate recipe!  I know you think we only eat chocolate around here, but that is not the case.  We also eat the graham cracker crusts that accompany the chocolate.  🙂

This recipe has been a favorite since before our eldest child was born.  It appears to come from Quick Cooking Magazine.  Is that even still in print?  It was sent in to said magazine by Lois Mulkey of Oregon.  Thank you, Lois!!  Here’s what you need to make Lois Mulkey’s fabulous pie:

1 giant milk chocolate candy bar (with or without almonds, 7 ounce)

16 large marshmallows, or 1-1/2 cups mini marshmallows

1/2 cup milk

2 cups whipping cream, whipped (this is sold in a little 16 oz milk carton type container by the milk in grocery store)  DO NOT buy Cool Whip!  Just sayin’.

1 pie shell, baked OR a graham cracker or chocolate crumb crust


Place the candy bar, marshmallows and milk in a heavy saucepan; cook over low heat, stirring constantly until chocolate & marshmallows are melted and mixture is smooth.  Cool.  (**My note:  COOL COMPLETELY.  Warmth kills the whipped cream).  Fold in whipped cream; pour into crust.  Refrigerate or freeze for at least 3 hours (until firm).

It says it makes one pie, but I split it into 2 graham pie shells (9″).  I also buy a 2nd candy bar to break & use as “decoration” on top.  Totally optional.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go ruin my dinner.  Shhhhh….don’t tell the kids!  😉

Linked to Centsational Girl’s Comfort Food Link Party.

Dining Room to Office


Um, could someone hit the “Rewind” button so I can see just exactly where this week went?!?!  I can’t really complain since we’re looking at a fabulous weekend weather-wise AND I get a “day off” to hit Atlanta  Yes!
So, what will I do in Atlanta??  I’ll be focused on picking up a few things at IKEA (duh!), Container Store, & probably Crate & Barrel.  We are working on turning our dining room into an office/computer room.  As the kids get older, their school work requires more computer time.  The computer was housed in the office, which was in the basement.  There is simply too much junk on the internet for us to not monitor computer use.  Yeah, we have good kids.  But stuff happens & everyone thinks they have “good kids”.  We’re just helping our kids stay good by moving the computer into the dining room.  However, moving the office upstairs into a highly visible area also means moving the files, printer, pens, extra notebooks, labels, etc into a highly visible area.  Right now it looks a little like this…


It’s actually a lot cleaner than it was because I did some cleaning up & vacuuming today.  You can thank me later.

That table came from the craft room, which left the craft room as a dumping ground slightly useless room for the moment.  I LOVE the legs on this table.  It is an OLD sewing table & perfect for crafts too since someone added a laminate top to it at some point.  However, those great legs (that you really can’t see right now) do NOT hide a hard drive very well.  Or cords.  And it has no storage, hence the Elfa units on each side.

My Duncan Phyfe table that I inherited (and LOVE) serves as a work space for the hubs.  And he does not like to put away his laptop, so it always looks like this.  What can I say when the rest of the room also looks like a tornado struck…..?

So, we need a little revamping of the space to make it an easy to use & easy to keep clean(er) spot for our computer.  I am a copy cat, as opposed to a creator, so I’ve been searching for a while for some photo inspiration.  Have you ever noticed that pics of home offices rarely if ever show a computer, much less a hard drive??  Perhaps we’re just a bit behind in our technology around here……

Here are some of my favorite ideas for organizing & decorating this space:

Pressed tin tiles on back of bookcase.  I love this look!

shelves from old wooden boxes


Crates from Joann's for $9 and stain or paint.


We’ll see what I come home with tomorrow night!  Need some curtains (or tablecloths to make into curtains), shelves, bins, maybe floating shelves, and another chair for hubs to use in his spot.  Maybe a different table for his spot….

Have a great weekend!


Easy Spider Craft


You’ve seen our cute little spider friend here & here so far.  He’s a super easy friend to make!  All you need are some chenille stems (pipe cleaners), scissors, a glue gun and some googly eyes.  (See, he’s cheap too!)  🙂

Take 2 of your chenille stems & cut them in 1/2.  If you want a tiny spidey, just cut one stem into fourths.  When that’s done, gather all 4 pieces in one hand and start wrapping your other stem around the middle.

I just realized that kinda looks like a dragonfly.  Hmmmm…… Anyway, just keep wrapping your stem around the middle until you get to the end.  This is the body of your spider.  If  you don’t think it’s think enough take another stem & wrap it over the first one.  (That’s what I did.)

Then bend your “legs” into position and stand him up.

Isn’t he cute?  Blind, but cute.  Let’s cure that!

Just grab that glue gun & stick on some googly eyes.  All done!


The girls also suggested adding a little witch hat, but that hasn’t happened  yet.

Cute Halloween Wreath


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to transition my summer wreath to a fall wreath…


Yeah.  I know.  A little on the sad side.

So today I decided we needed a cute Halloween wreath instead.  I took that loveliness apart, killed a wasp & multiple spiders that came out of it, and sprayed it black.

I located the letters for “BOO” that I purchased at Hobby Lobby last year & sprayed them orange just for fun.  Then I added some purple & black polka dots, using the end of an old colored pencil to make the dots.

While everything dried, I made my itsy-bitsy-spider.  I gave a brief “how to” on that here.  I’ll do a longer version another day.  He turned out pretty cute, I thought.

To assemble, I decided to do my own take on Sand & Sisal’s front door decor.  I used some polka dot & plaid ribbon pieces to tie the BOO letters to the wreath & then hot glued my spidey friend to the bottom.

Since my chicas were hanging out & chatting with me on the porch while I worked, I asked their opinions.  We all decided something was just missing.  Though the chicas submitted some VERY creative ideas,   we ended up going with exactly what you are thinking – webs.

Much better!

I don’t know ANYTHING about hosting a link party, but I’d love to see your Halloween wreaths & decor!  Leave me a link in your comment!

        The Shabby Nest

Not Me


You see that title?  Just to clarify, that is a NAME, not a title.  And when I meet the owner of said name, there shall be an interrogation that will make the FBI want to recruit me.  Because Not Me has been responsible for incredible amounts of mischief in this house.  We’re not talkin’ “Elf on a Shelf” here.  Perhaps you have a Not Me in your home as well.  See if this sounds remotely familiar:

“Who sprayed PERMANENT green fabric paint on this hall closet wall?”  **silence***

“Hello?!” ****

“Not Me!” “Not Me!” “Not Me!”



“Who stopped up THIS potty?!”

“Not Me!”

*Note:  Not Me had also already stopped up another potty that was being difficult to UNstop.  I’ll spare the details.

It appears that Not Me moved in to our home at some point after 2005.  Since that time, I have been constantly & consistently putting the squeeze on Not Me.  He/She/It has very few places to hide at this point, but still eludes me.  How am I putting the squeeze on Not Me?  I’m so glad you asked!

“Who left their dirty underwear/socks in the bathroom/den/kitchen (you get the picture)?”

“Not Me!”

So, I bought them all different styles of underwear & socks.  🙂

No, I shall not post pics of the undies!

“Who left their WET towel over the leather chair in the den?” (or on the floor of the bathroom, etc.)

“Not Me!”

So, they all have different colored towels now:

  Got that from a friend with SEVEN kids.  Seven.  And she still has hair…

“Whose turn is it to load the dishwasher/sweep/scoop dog poop/feed dog/etc?”

“Not Me!”

So, they have chore cards:

I did a post on those here.

Somehow, Not Me still pops in every now & then.  Short of installing a camera in the bathrooms, the Not Me who stops up the potty shall remain elusive.  As will the paint spraying Not Me, though I think the fit I threw on that one has cured even Not Me of doing that again!

So, tell me, has Not Me been to visit you recently?  Do please keep him/her/it!