Classroom Door Decor


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving & is fully recovered!  The last few weeks of school prior to a break always seem to be insanely busy, don’t they?  Our elementary & intermediate school teachers do an incredible job of keeping their classrooms decorated & kid friendly all  year.  A number of moms pitch in to help in various ways.  If you have been tasked with decorating the door for your child’s classroom, I thought I would give you an idea or two.  One is from fall, one from a special event, and one just up for winter.

We had a very talented mom volunteer to do our Fall door this year for my 5th grader’s class.  Take a look below & see what you think.  My daughter LOVED that she used book pages for the moon!


How adorable is that?!?  I LOVE the owls!  Too cute!

The next door was done for a special event.  Each year, our intermediate school hosts a “Zoom-A-Thon” to raise money – as opposed to selling wrapping paper & candy.  Each class chooses their name and decides how they will dress for the main event.  They make posters & (in our class) decorate the door with the chosen theme.  Our class voted for “Space Ninjas”.  The main overall event theme was “space”, hence the first part of the name.  Below is our “Space Ninja” door.


It’s hard to see, but there is a ninja-esque head tie above the white eyes.

This past week, I had the opportunity to decorate our classroom door for winter.  Since the prior doors were all black, I decided on a light-hearted, winter fun door.  It was super easy.  I used the school die cuts & craft paper for the gingerbread men, snowflakes & trees.  The white paper is cut in waves to give it some depth.  My girls decorated the gingerbread men with glue & glitter.  The “snowman” being built is wadded up glitter tissue paper.  The “jump rope” is twine.  To make one appear to be making a snow angel in the snow, I just squirted glue in an “angel” pattern around him & then used white & a little silver glitter.  It’s very difficult to see in the picture, but he’s the one under the snowman.  The trees also have some glitter on them to give the appearance of snow on the branches.


If you have the opportunity to decorate the classroom door, hopefully this will give you some ideas.  I’ll do another post towards the end of the year with our Valentine’s door & Spring door.  If you have ever decorated the classroom door, I would love to see your pictures!


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