Valentine’s Pennant Banner



I love pennants!  Especially strung together in a banner.  They have been quite popular for a while now, but I’ve just been to lazy to try to work them in around here.  Better late than never, right?!?

To give the whole story on this, I should backtrack to Christmas.  I decided to turn an antique mirror frame into a card holder at the front door.  The frame originally went with a dresser that belonged to my great grandmother, but we were not using it.  It fit perfectly over the chair rail in the entry, so I just added some picture hanging wire to the back and chicken wire in the mirror opening.  And there, you have it, a card holder.  Easy peasy!


Took the picture at night.  Sorry about that.

For Valentine’s Day decor, I decided to make a cute pennant banner like I’ve seen all over Pinterest.  For the pennant shape, I just googled “free pennant pattern” and found one I liked.  It looked like this (sorry I don’t remember site).

IMG_1908  IMG_1911

I used the measurement line to cut it down to the size I wanted.  Then it was just a matter of choosing my papers from what I had on hand, tracing the pattern on the back of each paper & cutting everything out.  Once it was cut, I pinned the pennants up to figure out placement and how many I would actually need.


I knew I wanted the word “love” on it & thought I had some stickers in my stash that would work.  No deal.  Oh, I have LOTS of letter stickers, just not the right size.  And I didn’t want to spend any money on this project.  I decided to just print the letters from Word in a font I liked and cut them out.  Of course, I wanted them to be black and my black ink decided to run out.  So, I printed the letters in blue & went over them with a Sharpie before cutting them out and gluing them on the pennants.  A little fuzzy yarn & it’s all done!

IMG_1953      IMG_1955

I added some pics of our girls to fill up the space.  And because they’re cute.  🙂  They have had much fun looking at pics from their younger years!

Sharing this (free) project at 52 Mantels & Little Inspiration.


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