Bathroom Drawer Organization


What is it about pinning up a new calendar that sends us into clean out/organize/lose weight/get fit mode??  Or is it just me?  Judging by all the pins and blog posts out there relating to those categories, it is not just me.  Whew!  I’m normal.  Kind of.  🙂

I know most posts about organizing talk about making more space in small places, but as small as our rooms are in this house we actually have too much storage space in the bathrooms.  Weird, isn’t it?  Our Master Bath is only 14.5 feet x 5 feet.  Yep.  5 feet wide, of which base cabinets take up about 2 feet.  So, only 3 feet of walking through space.  BUT in that small amount of space the builders fit 2 sinks in an “L” configuration and a floor-to-ceiling cabinet.  It’s a LOT of unnecessary cabinetry that we will deal with one day in the near future.  For now, let me show you how I organized 3 of the drawers in our bathroom.  The under sink & tall cabinets will be another day.

We have 7 total drawers in the bathroom.  The 3 I organized are all 3″ deep.  The first two are 9.5″ x 15 5/8″.  Here is a “Before” pic of one of those:


Yep.  That’s all that was in that drawer.  For 6 years.  Well, I mean those EXACT items are not 6 years old, but you know what I mean.  Toothpaste, carmex, a sunscreen stick and a little electric shaver.  The drawer next to it is just like it, but it had a jumbled mess of travel size items.  Wish I had done a “Before” on that.  Or….maybe not.  It was a little gross & scary.

For the 2 smaller drawers, I just shopped the house & attic.  (Is it weird that about 1/3 of our attic space is taken up with organizers?)  Anyway, I was able to find several things to get the two smaller drawers whipped into shape.  Here they are now!

IMG_1896    IMG_1977

Toothpaste drawer on left now houses extra do, q-tips, carmex, floss, toothbrush covers, sunscreen sticks and a couple of small toothpastes (that will actually be moving to the girls’ bathroom soon).  Most of this stuff was in the jumbled drawer.  The jumbled drawer on right is now first aid central.  The first aid items were all stored under one of the sinks and were kind of a pain to get to.  Now, we can access all the most needed items quickly and easily.

To the right of these drawers is a wide drawer – 23.75″ x 15 5/8″ .  I obviously don’t know how to convert 5/8 to a decimal.  Sorry.  Guess I could ask my 5th grader….  🙂  Aaaannnyway, the wide drawer is mine and holds mostly stuff I need in the mornings.  The main exception is my daily makeup, which stays in a bag in another drawer.  So, here is the semi-organized “Before” shot of that drawer:


Not very well utilized & it had become a “dumping ground” for hair clips and ponytail holders.  For this project, I actually had to go buy what I needed to fill the space.  I found 2 of these bamboo organizers at WalMart and they work really well for this space.

IMG_1958   IMG_1960

There is a central compartment with all the little “boxy” spaces and then the sides can slide in or out as needed.  Some of the inner dividers can also be removed if more space is needed for a particular item.  After playing around with it for a few minutes, I came up with this:


There is still a little bit of space at the back, but over all it is perfect for what I need.  The hair clips are separated, there is space for my “back up” make up items as well as the little perfume samples I love.  The red & green ribbon things you saw in the “Before” pic were Christmas ponytail holders that go with my “Who” costume I wear every year.  They now live with that costume.

It’s been a few days since I did this & I have to say I really love the change.  If you’ve been busy organizing, I’d love to hear about it!


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