Valentine’s Boxes


School Valentine’s parties are about to round the corner!  For the younger kids that generally means  it’s time to create cute V’day boxes for friends to deposit your Valentines in.  Our girls have pretty much reached the age of no Valentine swapping, but I came across some pics of boxes we have done in the past.  These are super easy!


The hot air balloon was definitely a favorite!  The base is just a box with top cut out.  You can use a tissue box, small shoe box, whatever.  Then we covered the box with red paper inside & out.  Save yourself some grief & cut the top out of the box FIRST.  If you’re using a shoe box, just leave the lid off.  You could also paint the box if you have red paint on hand.  Next we stuck 4 bamboo skewers into the corners of the box.  You can get these in the kitchen accessory section at WalMart.  We wrapped these with red paper as well.  After that, we grabbed some sheer red ribbon that had hearts printed on it & strung some pink heart-shaped ornaments on it.  I think the ribbon & hearts came from Hobby Lobby.  We wrapped the ribbon around the top of the box and secured it with scrapbooking glue dots, then tied a cute little bow.  The “balloon” is just a small paper lantern.  The heart was already printed on it.  We cut some red, pink & white curling ribbon and tied that under the lantern.  To hold the “balloon” up, we stuck the skewers through the paper on the lantern.  It was a little easy to knock off, but that was okay.

Next up is one my middle daughter made herself.  She is VERY independent!  She also made a dog shaped box last year, but didn’t let me take a pic of it.  It was really cute.  Anyway, here is her iPod box:


I thought it was pretty cute, actually.  She used an old shoe box, covered it with pink paper and ribbon, then glued on some jewels.  Her friends raved about it & that’s all that really matters I suppose.  This is great for that night before panic.  Oh, your kids don’t do that?  Lucky you.  🙂

My eldest wanted a house-shaped box one year.  This one is slightly more labor intensive.


We used a detergent box and cut the top out of it for the house part.  We covered that with pink paper.  The door is white paper.  The little fence is wood & I think it’s from Hobby Lobby in the little wooden letter & box area.  The jewels, flowers & buttons came from the scrapbooking area.  The silk butterfly came in a pack of like 6 or 8 of all different colors.  I don’t remember where I bought those.  The roof & chimney are from a shoe box that has a flip open lid as opposed to a detached lid.  I just cut it the way we wanted it with some scissors.  We hot glued it all together.

Hope this helps you with some ideas for your child’s school Valentine box.  I’d love to see what you come up with!

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