Monthly Archives: February 2013

Honey Do List Revamp


It has been well established that men & women are just so very different.  (Which I think is a good thing.)  However, my sweet hubby & I are very much alike in one way – our memories are becoming non-existent.  Especially regarding things we don’t really want to do.  Anyone else experiencing this phenomena??  We would talk about all the things that need to be done around the house & yard…….and then forget about them.  So, nothing was getting done.  One day my daughter told me she needed something for school.  I told her to write it on a sticky note & stick it to my steering wheel.  I’m in the car all day, so if it’s on the horn I see it & am more likely to get it done.  **Light bulb!**  “Hmmm….if that works for me, perhaps it will work for hubs..”  Enter the new idea for our Honey Do List.

Hubs came home from work on Tuesday to find his new “Honey Do List”.  🙂  It was displayed prominently in his favorite spot.  Do you see it?


Yep.  The “List” is now on sticky notes.  Post-It notes to be exact, because their “sticky” is just better.  No, they aren’t paying me to say that.  I can assure you they don’t know I exist.  But I know their sticky notes exist & that’s what matters.  Now, when I need hubs to take care of something, I write it on a sticky note & put it by (or on) his computer.  When he completes the item, he trashes the note.  Actually, he folds the note in 1/2 and lays it to one side.  I trash the note.

If you & your sweetie (or kids) are having trouble getting things done, perhaps this will work for you too.  Just write one thing on each sticky note.  (I’m also careful to begin with the word “Please” to make it a little less demanding.)


Once the item is done, the note goes in the trash.  Probably not the best solution for recurring things, but for occasional things, it works really well.  So far.  For our recurring things (ie: kids’ chores), we use our laminated chore cards.