Hello, friends!  I’m Karen, creator of Do & Redo.  I live in Alabama with my hubby of 16 years, 3 tween daughters, and 1 very spoiled pooch.  I work part-time as the Special Needs Coordinator for our church & LOVE it!  Yes, I love exclamation points as well!  🙂 I also love change, and changing the look of the house is cheaper than buying a new one.  Right?

We always seem to buy fixer-uppers, so we have lots of projects!  Unfortunately, I did not know about blogs until just a few years ago, so there are no pictures of our other houses.  (Ugh!)  We are not professionals, but we do know what we like & how to make it happen on somewhat of a budget.  The hubby is VERY handy at building and I am VERY handy at giving him pictures of things to build.  See what a great team we are!?!

Our home is an ongoing process, as is this blog.  Come join us on the journey as we tear out, rebuild, paint (LOTS of paint!), sew, organize, and just plain LIVE!



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