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Organized Quiet Time

Organized Quiet Time

This year, our faith family is reading through the Bible together.  Our  sermons will be based on the readings each week and there are also devotionals to go along with each day’s readings.  There are weekly prayer guides as well.  I am SUPER excited about this, but honestly, it adds up to a LOT of paper. Especially since 4 out 5 of us are using these guides for our Quiet Times (personal Bible study time each day).  (One of my daughters is diligent when it comes to studying her Bible and she already had a Bible study plan in place.)

In January, I printed out the 2014 Bible Reading Plan and posted it in our home office.  You can get a copy of the Plan here.  I also printed the daily devotions for one week and the corresponding prayer guides.  I did this for all 4 of us following the Plan.  And there was paper everywhere in our 4 Quiet Time areas.  This paper explosion could not continue if my sanity was to remain.

One day, as I was perusing my Pinterest board on Organization, I came across some ideas and printables I had pinned relating to budget/finance.  (Insert best Gru voice here)  “Light.bulb.”   Why not use these ideas for all the paper generated by our Quiet Times?  So, I did.  It took me a few days to get around to it, but I did do it.

The first step was to gather a lot of stuff we already had on hand.  (So, this was free & I do love things for free!)  Everyone got a white binder and I made cover sheets to slip in front so we could tell them apart.  Here is a picture of mine and my husband’s.  One day I may go back and make mine “cuter”, but that is for another day.


Then the printing began!  First, I downloaded a copy of the devotional book we are using in conjuction with the reading plan.  It is For the Love of God by D.A. Carson.  You can download your copy of Volume One (FREE!) right here.  Yes, it’s legal.  Also at that same link are links to the Guide to Personal Worship, Guide to Family Worship, and Personal Disciple-making Plan. All are in PDF form for you to download and print.  Next, I went here and printed copies of the weekly Prayer Guide.  (There is an Archives listing if you would like to view/download any prior Prayer Guides.)  The Prayer Guide also lists the Bible Readings for each week.  By now I hope you see what I mean about a LOT of paper!  Here is what the floor of my dining room-now office looked like as I prepped just one week’s worth of Quiet Times for 4 people.  And that’s just the devotional pages.


In addition to all of the print outs, I inserted a sheet of looseleaf paper after each devotional to use as a journaling page.  I also created a “Planned Prayer” guide for the front pocket of each binder.  This basically lists things that will be prayed for on a particular day.  For example, every Monday we pray the strengthening of each family member’s faith.  There are 3 items for each day of the week.  There is also a space for “spontaneous prayer”.  Things that the Holy Spirit brings to mind.  The sermon regarding prayer is here, as well as the others that go along with our teachings thus far.

I put each binder together in the following order:  Planned Prayer list (front interior pocket), Guide to Personal Worship, Guide to Family Worship (Mom & Dad’s binders), Weekly Reading & Prayer Guide for first week, Devotional for Day 1, blank piece of looseleaf paper, Devotional for Day 2, blank piece of looseleaf paper, etc.  Hopefully, that makes sense!  For my personal binder, I inserted tabbed page dividers to separate each month of devotions.  I used some Washi tape to “cutify” each tab and then used my label maker to print the name of each month for the tabs.



Now, we can all have our Quiet Times AND I can have my sanity!  Well, what’s left of it.  :-0

If you didn’t have a plan for your personal Bible study time, now you do!  If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you.