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100 Day Challenge


Have you heard about the 100 Day Challenge?  My sister-in-law introduced me to this at the beginning of the year.  You basically promise to be active for 100 straight days & log  your activity.  The above link is to the Facebook page & here is the website link.  I love this because it doesn’t tell you what to do.  (Perhaps I have authority or control issues…)  You just do SOMETHING for at least 30 minutes a day.  Choose your own activity, time, & level of endurance.

Today is yukky, wet & cold in our parts.  Oh, to be on a tropical island somewhere!  But, I’m here.  So, I opted to do something at home – because I refuse to pay a gym when I know I won’t go.  We have 31 stairs in our house.  31.  I know.  So, I popped on my walking clothes & spy belt, cranked up the tunes, set my iPhone timer for 30 minutes & hit the stairs.  For all 30 minutes.  Constant ascent & descent.  I began questioning my sanity on about the 3rd trip up those stairs.

To add a little variety, I jogged up and walked down.  Then I “lunged” up (stepping on every-other-stair) and walked down.  Then I went up sideways (turning midway so I got both sides worked equally) and walked down.  Then I hopped from side to side up and walked down.  Please walk down.  And use the hand rail.  🙂

A friend of mine actually jogs in her house on a regular basis.  She has a great one-level home and just pops on those jogging shoes & hits it.  That is dedication.  It also eliminates any excuse I ever had for not working out.  Although I generally prefer the park.  On yukky days when I don’t have to go to work, I hit the mall.  Most malls will open 2 hours early to allow for mall walkers.  Check your mall’s website.  Sometimes they will even give the distance of one lap.  I just set my timer for 1 hour on mall walking days.

Care to join us on our 100 day challenge?  Just jump in any time & start your own 100 days.  Nobody cares when you start.  They just want you to succeed & be active.  Get some friends together & start your own 100 day challenge group on FB like my SIL did.  Super good accountability!

Hope you’ll join us & head towards a healthier you!